Wizard101: Zafaria Goes Live

Below is an article written by MMORPG.com(you can find the original here.)

KingsIsle has announced that the latest world to be added to the Wizard101 spiral has officially gone live. Called ‘Zafaria’, the new content brings new quests, monsters and gear into the game.

If you are a level 60 Wizard and have successfully completed the quest “Through This Door” speak to Merle Ambrose in his tower in Wizard City. With the addition of Zafaria, Wizards can now achieve the maximum level of 70!
This means all new gear and equipment for over level 60 Wizards, and it also mean new challenges that will test even the most wizened player.
Please remember, no experience is rewarded for duels and quests completed while you were the prior maximum level of 60. When a player reaches the maximum level, their experience bar disappears, indicating they are not gaining experience from their duels or quests. No experience is rewarded to those who are at the maximum level, which means that everyone who was level 60 before we raised the level cap, will be level 60 to start, now that we have raised the level cap, and you can once again start earning new experience points from your adventures.
Experience was not earned when you were level 60 and therefore cannot be granted after the level cap is raised. This concludes our overview of the new Wiard101 world Zafaria! Keep checked in for more news and annoucements!


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